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Life is too short to be unhappy about your job. Do you want: Better opportunities? Recognition & appreciation? A raise or promotion? A more flexible schedule?

You can have any or all of these things and more.  Early in my career, I worked hard and was successful. Then things changed – I watched other people getting great projects and promotions. 

I knew I wanted more so I researched, learned, and used specific actions to get what I wanted. Since then I've helped many women use this practical information. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own.  You can get new ideas and specific actions you can take to be more successful with by taking an online training program or reading a book.

Let me help you get more of what you want. Questions:

Available Programs

How To Get Heard at Work Course

Do you wish people would listen to you? Learn how to communicate more effectively so people will listen to what you have to say. You'll take a quiz to learn your communication preferences and then learn what to say so people can hear you.

This course is on sale for a limited time.

How To Be Happier At Work - Free Video

Want to be happier at work? Learn 7 research-based ways you can be. This free video is inspired by ideas from the great book, The Happiness Advantage: How A Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Achor.

Click the "Learn More" button to see the 7 tips.

How To Be More Confident and Get More Of What You Want At Work Course

4 recorded classes to learn specific practical actions you can take to be more confident and to get more of what you want at work.

The recorded classes will be available on Aug 1. Register now for an Early Registration Discount of 20% (only $47.99 instead of 59.99). Participants will be sent a notice when the course is available.

How To Get A Higher Starting Salary At A New Job

Do you want to get a better starting salary at a new job but nervous about asking? Learn what to do with this practical course. The modules are recorded so you can learn at your own pace.

For more information, click on Learn More and scroll down to watch the Brief Overview module.

How To Get A Raise Introduction - Free video with tips to get you started

Do you want some quick tips about what you can do to increase your salary? This free video will explain the 7 practical rules that will help you to ask for and get a raise at work. This video introduces the concepts that are fully explained in the How To Get A Raise At Work class. 

How To Get A Raise At Work Course - 7 Practical Steps To Make More Money

Do you want to get a raise at work? Learn how with the practical online course. You'll learn 7 practical steps that you can take to help you ask for a raise. The modules are recorded so you can learn at your own pace.

Book - Increase Your Income: 7 Rules for Women Who Want To Make More Money At Work

Increase Your Income: 7 Rules for Women Who Want To Make More Money at Work is the definitive guide for women to get a raise or to make more money in their entrepreneurial endeavors. With easy to understand and implement tips, questions that jar thoughts about what is holding one back, and concrete examples, Increase Your Income provides exactly what women need to take charge of their work lives and make more money.

Available on Amazon.

Book - A Salary Cinderella Story (Or How To Make More Money Without A Fairy Godmother)

A Salary Cinderella Story (Or How to Make More Money Without a Fairy Godmother) is a contemporary retelling of the classic tale. Red-haired El Casey is a project manager a few years into her career who never seems to have enough money and desperately desires a promotion. After years of commiserating with her female friends, El meets PJ, Empowerer of Women, when they are seatmates on a flight to Florida and El's life is forever changed.

Available on Amazon - paperback and audiobook.

Book - Whey Can't You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results At Work

You communicate every day in many ways whether you mean to or not. Paying attention to how you communicate is just good business. Are you seen as bossy, as brainy, as bubbly, or as everyone's buddy? Take the quiz and discover how others see you. In order to be successful, you have to communicate equally well with everyone at work. This book, through real-life examples, shows you how to look at the way you communicate and how to use that information to move ahead in your career.

Available on Amazon.

One-on-one Coaching - 1 hour

Would you like individual answers for your specific issues or opportunities? Schedule a one-on-one coaching meeting with Laura Browne and she will work with you to determine options and choose actions.

For more information about coaching options, send an email to


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